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Ubiquiti Rocket M5 Omni-Directional Kit

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Our Rocket M5 Omni-Directional Kit includes a Rocket M5 and a 10dbi  Omni Directional antenna.

We use these as a common component at customers that have multiple buildings that need to be connected to a common network.

The Rocket M5 and antenna are mounted in a central location and  individual NanoBeam antennas are mounted on each building to to connect all buildings to a common IP network that support Internet for computers, IP Phones, IP security Cameras,  WiFi access points and other equipment.

An Ubiquiti Ethernet Surge Protector should be added along with this kit.  These antennas can attract and gather extra environmental energy from the air and particularly storms and can damage routers, switches and other networking equipment down the wire.  The Ethernet Surge Protector blocks extra voltage and provides an additional drain path for that energy to disperse through.

Typically only one Omni-Directional kit is required.  On some sites where buildings are far enough away not to be line-of-sight to the primary omni-directional antenna.  In this case more omni-directional antennas can be used to provide full coverage of the site.  When using additional antennas, the network remains a single full private network.  With the addition of routers, it can be broken up into separate networks.

We also recommend using the Ubiquiti ToughSwitch with this Omni-Directional kit.  The ToughSwitch provides manangement tools to provide better management and reporting of antennas and network data and is a valuable tool .   The ToughSwitch Pro 8 is available on BuyPhonesOnline.ca