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Long Distance Network Bridge | Powerbeam AC PBE 5AC-500 (2-Pack)

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The PowerBeam AC 500 is a Point-to-Point (PtP) network extender that can bridge two sites together over 25+ km distances. It is often used as the main internet source / backhaul feed to bring internet from a high speed fiber connection to a remote location which needs strong and fast internet but has a fixed fiber link unavailable.

We recommend using the PowerBeam AC 500 where you need to connect a remote sites together. Our Colony customers sometimes get their internet feed from a related colony and the PowerBeam AC 500 is a good product to do that with.

If you are looking for a better faster strong product than the PowerBeam AC 500, consider the Ubiquiti Airfiber product. The AirFiber product is not listed on our www.BuyPhonesOnline.ca but we do supply it. Contact us directly for more information.

The PBE-5AC-500 includes a protective radome that covers the main dish and the antenna feed and protects it from weather elements.

Clamps and mounting equipment are included in the package for pole mounting.

A PoE injector for powering the antenna is also included however we recommend the Ubiquiti Toughswitch Pro to power the antenna. It provides additional control and management over the connection from the Powerbeam and allows other devices to be connected at the same point.
We also recommend using the Ubiquiti Ethernet Surge Protector (ETH-SP) in installations. The Ethernet Surge Protector provides an additional level of protection to issolate extra energy from air gathered by the antenna and provides an additional path to the earth or terminates it completely by destroying the less expensive Ethernet Surge Protector rather than passing on the extra energy. Extra energy also includes lighening strikes.

Lastly, ensure you use Ubiquiti ToughCable or similar Cat5e cable that includes shielding as well as an additional dedicated drain conductor to drain away the extra energy instead of it passing through the 4 pair of network conductors. The Ethernet cable is used in conjunction with special cable ends that also include a shield that connects to both the antenna, PoE injector, Ethernet Surge Protector and ToughSwitch. These are all designed to conduct the additional drain conductor and any energy carried on it directly to an earth ground.